Our Mission

SuperFood Friends is committed to providing the fundamental information to engage, educate and inspire at-risk children in Pre-K to 5th grade to learn how to identify with fruits and vegetables, eat healthy and exercise at a young age to help them combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.

Our Vision

There is a misconception that being healthy is only reserved for those that have the means to do so. This is even more apparent in under served communities where in some instances physical education is not available through schools. The growing epidemic of childhood obesity has not only long term ramifications for our children, but it has a substantial impact on our health care system. Additionally, studies have shown that malnourished children rarely perform up to their potential in the classroom.

SuperFood Friends aims to break down those walls through an affordable and easy to understand program that guides children of all ages through the foundation of learning how to eat healthy, make better-informed decisions and exercise using the Body Bench and the colorful SuperFood Friends characters that give children heroes to look up to.

Teaching our children how to lead healthy lives is an investment in our collective future.

Our Offering

The SuperFood Friends program consists of multiple elements that can be incorporated within a classroom to create a colorful, engaging and interactive print rich environment. It is broken out into two age appropriate programs - Pre-K through 2nd grade and 3rd through 5th grade. Over the course of the school year, the children are taught the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise through an age appropriate curriculum that has been tailored for the respective school district.

To aide in the implementation of the program, we offer schools multiple elements that can be integrated into their classrooms and gyms:

K-5 Curriculum

An age appropriate curriculum that includes weekly lessons and worksheets covering the subjects of spelling, nutrition, fitness, behavior, colors and shapes.

Wall Graphics

Custom Designed Wall Graphics create a colorful print rich environment that engages, inspires and educates children about the various fruits and vegetables highlighted in the program as well as the SuperFood Friends characters. Option of one to four walls of coverage.

The Body Bench

The Body Bench is an affordable, easy to assemble and portable exercise bench that is used during the exercise portions of the program.


Crew neck and tank top t-shirts of the SuperFood Friends characters.

Hard Cover Book

A 20 page, hard cover illustrated book that introduces the children to the SuperFood Friends characters and where they came from.

Mascot Motivators

High quality plush toys of the SuperFood Friends characters that can be a positive influence and healthy inspiration for the children. Excellent for fundraising.

The SuperFood Friends program is designed to make eating healthy and exercising engaging and less intimidating to children of all ages, using a backdrop of colorful characters.

Our Core Package

Our Core Package includes an initial set of wall graphics, 5 Body Benches & 5 colored safety cones.

Our Pioneers

Our Pioneers are schools that are leading the adoption of the SuperFood Friends program.


The Creator

Prescott Ellison created the SuperFood Friends to promote health awareness by educating children about the importance of having a fruit and vegetable rich diet. He combined those lessons with engaging exercise activities and sports. These together help the children lead a fun, healthy & happy life!

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